January Birthstone

Barkev’s Red Garnet Diamond Ring

January 1st brings another year and another birthstone. January is the month to celebrate the garnet in all its glory. Birthstones date back to the days of Moses and are a way to celebrate the birth of a loved one. The garnet is the Zodiac birthstone for Aquarius and is an alternate for the Capricorn. The garnet itself symbolizes the strength, health, prosperity and perseverance. The garnet is also a symbol of eternal friendship and trust making it the perfect gift to give to friend and girlfriend alike.


Top 10 January Birthdays   

  1. Robert Duvall: Gus from Lonesome Dove will celebrate on January 5th
  2. Nicolas Cage: this Ghost Rider star will celebrate January 7th
  3. Kate Middleton: this mother to be will celebrate January 9th
  4. Rod Stewart: his velvety chords will celebrate on January 10th
  5. Michelle Obama: the nation will celebrate with the First Lady on January 17th
  6. Betty White: this Golden Girl will celebrate her golden day on January 17th
  7. Kevin Costner: this Open Range star will celebrate January 18th
  8. Paula Deen: ya’ll can celebrate with this Food Network Star on January 19th
  9. Dolly Parton: Dollywood will be all aglow celebrating on January 19th
  10. Oprah: the “O” network will celebrate the media mogul on January 29th
  11. Tom Selleck: Magnum P.I. will celebrate on January 29th

Ring in the New Year with good cheer and help us celebrate all the January birthdays in style. So, grab a garnet and salute a friend.