Jewelry of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Lisa Vanderpump

Never to be outdone, reality television starlet Lisa Vanderpump gives us oodles of jewels each week on Bravo’s popular hit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With her British accent, tight and stylish dresses, and perfectly coifed hair, she looks like she takes hours of prepping each morning. But it’s really her jewelry collection that has everyone jealous. To mirror Vanderpump’s jewelry style, here are a few ways to look more Beverly Hills chic, darling:

Diamonds—As each cast member holds a (fake) diamond in the opener of each episode, these expensive stones represent the upper crest. To truly feel as though you’re part of the Beverly Hills’s upper echelon, you must own loads of diamonds. From thick diamond earrings to long diamond strands, you must be dripping with jewels at any occasion, even if it’s just a child’s birthday party.

Thick necklaces—You’ll notice Vanderpump draws attention to her neckline with big, thick necklaces—the more weight, the better. She always drowns her neckline in diamonds, gold and also varied colored stones. To Vanderpump, accessorizing is even more important than the actual clothes.

Big, dangling earrings—Not only does Vanderpump wear big, clunky necklaces, she almost always pairs them with earrings to match—and not just small earrings, very large ones that command attention. Look for powerful colors, whimsical designs,  and bright stones or diamonds in your earrings to match her bold style.

Cuffs—When you dress up wearing evening attire, Vanderpump sports diamond cuff bracelets. Usually three inches wide or longer, her wrists are never bare when she’s in fancier attire. Look for diamonds on the bracelet or even pearl strands to pair with that little black dress.

Watch—One often neglected part of any woman’s jewelry collection is the watch. Vanderpump will sport watch bands dripping in jewels as well. You can match the bands to your jewelry and make you look very rich, even if you’re not. It’s a quick way to add an element of sophistication to your look.

While we don’t all write a Beverly Hills’s zip code on our addresses, we can sure look like we belong in one of America’s richest cities by adding just a few items to our jewelry collection.