Jewelry Tips for Job Interviews

Going on a job interview? It is common knowledge that a job seeker should not wear certain types of clothing such as short skirts, low-cut tops, or 6-inch heels. But what about jewelry? Believe it or not, there are standards of what is acceptable when it comes to the kind of jewelry that is worn at a job interview. Jewelry makes up part of an initial impression. Conservative and small is the way to go when it comes to jewelry for job seekers.

The interview outfit should be chosen before the jewelry. This ensures that the ensemble will be coordinated. All of this should be done at least the day before the interview, if not several days before.  The first impression is what will stick in the interviewer’s mind. If the job seeker is wearing lots of gaudy and “look at me” jewelry, chances are they will not get a callback. On the other hand, simple and tasteful jewelry promotes a more professional look. The interviewer should focus on the face, and not the jewelry.

Job Interview Jewelry that Works

  • Small religious pendant on a thin chain
  • One thin bracelet
  • Small nose ring
  • One pair of smaller earrings (small studs or hoops)
  • Tasteful watch

Jewelry to Avoid at Job Interviews

  • Multiple earrings in one ear
  • Lots of bangles that make noise
  • Rings on every finger
  • Gaudy jewelry
  • Huge diamonds or gold pieces
  • Multiple necklaces
  • Big, colorful watches

It should go without saying that a wedding set or engagement ring is always acceptable at a job interview. If the ring(s) are full of bling, keep other jewelry at the barest minimum. Engagement and wedding rings should be worn at all times, but the minimalist look should always be taken into consideration.

Every woman should have jewelry in her collection that is acceptable for job interviews. While there is nothing wrong with showing off gorgeous sizeable jewelry pieces, there is a time and a place for wearing more extravagant jewelry. Unfortunately, it’s not at the office.