Best New Jewelry Trends Spotted on the Runways

Jewelry allows women to express themselves, to dress-up or dress-down any outfit, and to truly make a statement. One reliable way to keep track of the current jewelry trends is by watching the greatest stars walk down the red carpet. Dresses are gorgeous and stand out, but the jewelry pulls everything together or truly makes the outfit memorable. It can be difficult to keep up with the trends, so compiled below is a list of the current trends in jewelry:


Stilleto Drops

At the 2018 Oscars, the stiletto drop style of earrings was seen on quite a few celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Garner, Laura Dern, and more. Diamonds are often incorporated into the thin earrings that dangle beautifully. Although elegant and classy, this style of earring can also have many small variations, allowing for everyone to put their own unique twist on it. Colored jewels can be placed in between the crystals or diamonds, geometric shapes can hold the jewels, and much more.


Large, Glamorous Jewels

If the jewels aren’t huge and the earrings don’t dangle to the collarbone, then they are bold and colorful. The days of wearing simple jewelry are gone and the bigger, the better. This trend of earrings allows for women to truly step out of their comfort zones and try on some jewelry they may have been too afraid to try before. No longer confined to a few elegant styles, the possibilities are endless.


Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings may sound simple, but they can have so many different unique variations. Medium width gold hoop earrings are very popular, but silver hoops are also in trend. Any neat variation, whether the hoop is circular or have some pretty jewels on it, is truly a way to make a statement.


Layering Bracelets

This trend is a wide-encompassing one. Any bracelet meant for layering is currently in trend and can add a cute accent to any outfit. Thinner bracelets couples together or unique bold bracelets can be mixed together to create elegant looks that stand out.


Jewelry looks are currently navigating away from the traditional ways of adding little elegant pieces here and there. Trends are moving towards a new era of standing out, not being afraid to be expressive, and incorporating bold looks whenever desired. However, if the desire is to stay in some comfort zone or to take baby steps before reaching a bold piece, beautiful stiletto earrings will do the job.