Kate Hudson’s Style

As the daughter of famous actress Goldie Hawn, it’s no surprise Kate Hudson is old Hollywood glam at its best. She epitomizes the beautiful style of the olden days when Hollywood was arguably at its most sophisticated. To copy her style, here are a few ways to do it:

Always wear a smile. When out and about town, Kate Hudson always has a smile on her face. The only exception is when she is acting, and even then, she seems to radiate with love and this rare sunshine. Try smiling more often and your face will radiate and glow.

Wear light jewelry. Because Kate is a blonde and has a natural golden tan, her jewelry follows suit. She typically wears more nude, white and yellows in her jewelry choices. She also favors big rings. You’ll find her fingers almost always have a fat ring. She leaves her neck fairly bare and focuses more on her fingers instead.

Add sunny locks. While Kate is probably a natural blonde, she adds in various highlights to add an extra glow to her mane. It brightens up her face and makes that smile stand out even more. Even if you aren’t a natural tow head, it’s possible to brighten up your look like Kate’s by just adding in a few highlights.

Match your clothes to your jewelry. Kate seems to favor more monochromatic looks by pairing jewelry to the exact same color as her dress. If she’s wearing yellow, she wears gold or canary diamonds. For white dresses, you’ll find her in white rings and white earrings or colorless diamonds. She doesn’t go overboard in her looks.

Play up your eyes. Kate has those small, beady eyes that she plays up and enhances with various eyeshadows. She isn’t afraid to try something new. Whether she uses purple eye shadow, silver or blue, she does it subtle enough that it’s not too dramatic or odd looking.

Kate is a rarity in Hollywood—she exudes happiness in a place where loneliness and narcissism roam.