Kate Winslet Weds in Secret Ceremony

Hollywood has long been known as a trendsetter when it comes to how to throw the perfect wedding. As of late though it seems like there is a new more secretive trend emerging. More and more celebrities are tying the knot in secret ceremonies in an effort to preserve the intimacy of the moment for their friends and family. The newest member of the Secret Wedding Society is none other than the Titanic sensation herself, Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet must have been extra nice this year. She received a visit from St. Nick a little earlier than expected when she wed her boyfriend Ned RocknRoll. The nephew of Sir Richard Branson and the Titanic star made it official in a private ceremony earlier in December at a barn in New York State. The ceremony was an intimate affair that was not even revealed to the parents until after the fact. Kate was escorted down the aisle by Titanic costar Leonardo DiCaprio. Kate and Ned were very successful in keeping their planned nuptials a secret. They had been engaged since the summer and the news was never leaked to the public. The only kink in their secret plans was when speculations did arise when Ned was spotted leaving a London jewelry store, but the result of that trip was a vintage love locket that he later gave Winslet as a gift. The private ceremony was attended by a few close family and friends as well as Winslet’s two children from previous marriages. It is rumored that the two exchanged matching $250,000 wedding bands, but as of yet neither one of them has been seen sporting their respective bands.

Now that the secret is out, the couple can begin to relax and start enjoying wedded bliss. Friends and family alike are beginning to help the couple celebrate their wedded bliss with an outpouring of gifts for the couple. That bliss also includes one of the most unique wedding gifts in history. As a celebration of their union, Richard Branson gave Kate a ticket for a trip into outer space.