Should Kim Kardashian Give the Ring Back?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian scored a fabulous 20-carat engagement ring from Kris Humphries, but the marriage only lasted 72 days. Now Humphries wants the ring back, but Kardashian says no. Should she give the ring, which cost a cool $2 million, back to her jilted ex-husband-to-be?

The drama started in May 2011 when Humphries proposed to Kardashian with a beautiful emerald cut stone in a platinum setting. The huge center stone was flanked by two smaller emerald cut stones. The amazing ring made headlines as the couple gave interviews about their engagement and showed off the bling.

The wedding was over-the-top and the couple seemed happy on their big day, but that happiness was short lived. After just 72 days Kardashian filed for divorce. So that’s the sad story of their “love”, but what about the ring?

Legally, Kardashian is not obligated to return the monster rock. This is surprising to many, but that is the case according to the letter of the law. Had the couple split before the wedding than the ring legally would have to be returned to Humphries. Since the ring was a promise of marriage – and a wedding did take place – that legal obligation to return the $2 million gift no longer exists.

Ok, so LEGALLY she doesn’t have to return it, but is keeping the ring the right thing to do? It’s hard to believe that Humphries spent that much money on a ring if he didn’t think the marriage had some chance of lasting – or at least lasting more than a few weeks.

The reason for the split isn’t relevant. She filed for divorce after only 72 days. It is tough to see an argument in which her keeping the ring is the right thing to do morally. Of course, Kardashian comes by her selfish viewpoints honestly.

Her mother, Kris Jenner, has said in interviews that her daughter should keep the ring and has no legal obligation to return it.

Sure, celebrity lives are different from the lives of “ordinary people” in a number of ways. Still, it is hard to imagine a world where keeping a $2 million engagement ring is the right course of action after such a short-lived marriage.

Apparently, Kardashian isn’t losing any sleep over her decision. Judging by her carefully coiffed hair and perfectly applied makeup, she is having no trouble looking at herself in the mirror.

What do YOU think? Should Kardashian return the ring?