Kim Kardashian Jewelry Looks

The ubiquitous Kim Kardashian certainly is known for her style. With long, shiny locks, trendy and tight outfits, and fashion-forward jewelry, Kim is edgy and stylish all at the same time. While rarely going for classic looks, Kim stays on the threshold of fashion—which also goes the same for the jewelry she sports. If you’d like to copy her looks, here are a few tips:

Match your necklace to your earrings. Kim follows the current trend of thick, chunky necklaces that match the old Egyptian style of jewelry. She also pairs it with dangling earrings. You can copy this look by finding similar necklaces or pairing many together. You can match loads of gold and diamond necklaces at once to mirror this style. Then find matching earrings that are also thick and long. It’s a lot of jewelry to wear at once, but it’s very popular at the moment.

Wear lots of hoop earrings. Hoop earrings pair well with hair pulled back into a chic pony tail or bun. This works well for both casual and more formal occasions. It also matches well with turtlenecks and strapless dresses and gowns. They draw attention to your face, so just like Kim always does, make sure your cosmetics are flawless. Hoop earrings do wonders to keep a guy’s attention.

Wear lots of bracelets. This works well for more formal occasions. Kim follows the current trend of wearing several mis-matched bracelets at once. Look for ones with a lot of sparkle—this makes you look like you’re a woman of sophistication. Pair bracelets of various sizes, but keep them in the same color palette. This is good for bracelets with diamonds, just a small amount of color (black and white work best), and neutral tones.

Kim usually goes over the top with her jewelry choices, but that keeps the paparazzi flashing their bulbs in her direction. So if you want the same type of attention, just follow the tips above and you’ll have others salivate over your style.