In the undying words of the French singer Edith Piaf, there is nothing quite as romantic as pink (or “rose” in the language of love); after all, it is no coincidence that roses have been named after it.  

An entire classically amorous feeling is associated with this soft shade of pink, which is now back into fashion, praised by Millenials, and glorified by big brands such as Apple. No wonder rose gold is currently one of the most popular engagement ring settings amongst couples.

Should you choose to opt for a lovely rose gold ring, you’ll be glad to know that we have a wide collection of them for you to browse through.


So, besides its lovely shades of pink, why should you look into a rose gold engagement ring? Are there any particular qualities that make it so irresistibly attractive to celebrity couples and us mere mortals alike?

Timelessly Fashionable
Dubbed also as “Russian Gold”, rose gold or pink gold originates – you guessed it – from Russia. Making its first appearance in the 19th century Fin De Siècle (turn of the century), the timelessly delicate appeal of this metal has brought it back into the spotlight capturing the hearts of craftsmen and jewelry lovers alike, who have now permanently added it to their design must-haves.

Dainty but Sturdy
Made from gold and a copper alloy (which gives it its pinkish hue), rose gold is much more durable than yellow or white gold, and neither does it require rhodium plate, as white gold does. The result is an impressively delicate appearance, with guaranteed durability, perfect for a timeless piece of jewelry.

Vintage Appeal Meets Modern Approach
With an antique look that gives rose gold a sense of vintage exclusivity, contemporary trends come along to banish the outdated rule that forbids us from pairing our metals together. The perfect color tone of rose gold, allows us to mix & match it with white & yellow jewlery items alike, with some designs even pairing it boldly in the same jewelery creation.

The warmer, romantic, and more delicate shades found in various rose gold settings are not nearly as flashy as their white or yellow gold counterparts. This creates a softening effect on impressive stones such as brilliant moissanites and diamonds, and a perfect match for pink gems such as morganite, pink sapphire or pink diamond. This understated gentleness resonates with every aspect of the finished design, with a refined elegance that complements absolutely every skin tone.

Piggy Bank Friendly
In spite of its many qualities, rose gold is surprisingly affordable. No need to break the piggy bank to make it part of your love story.

A single Con

The only reason you shouldn’t seriously consider rose gold as an engagement ring option is if you are sensitive or allergic to copper.