Throughout history people have been attracted to the allure of diamonds, especially when it comes to engagement rings, and in recent times the jewelry industry has gone through a big transformation where natural diamonds are actually being replaced by lab grown diamonds (aka synthetic diamonds) at a crazy rate. 

As a leading designer of unique engagement rings for over 40 years, when lab grown diamonds started taking off we were definitely skeptical at first and reluctant to suggest them to customers, though as the market progressed our opinion started to change. 

Fast-forward to today, what’s most interesting is how we’re seeing around 4 people buying lab grown diamond engagement rings to every 1 person that buys a natural diamond ring, which is unheard of. But at the same time it makes total sense. 

Not only do lab grown diamonds look identical to natural diamonds with the naked eye, they’re also a fraction of the price and recent studies have shown that they hold their value better. Plus, they don’t require mining which sucks away our earth’s resources while also diminishing the need for miners that often work in very tough conditions. 

If you are considering buying a lab grown diamond engagement ring or any other type of lab grown diamond jewelry, feel free to contact us! We are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.