How to Layer Your Bangles Like a Boss

Bangles are a great accessory because of their versatility. They can be worn alone, but if you have collected a few bangle bracelets, you can easily stack them together to create new trendy looks.

Layer by Color

Layering by color is a safe route if you want to experiment with your bangles and know that they will look good in whatever pattern you choose. You can layer by color in two ways. You can go by the color of the bangle itself or the color of charms that are on the bangle (if your bangles have charms).


If you layer bangles of the same finish together (silver, gold, rose gold, etc.) they are sure to look good together. If you layer by charm color you can easily accent specific colors in your outfit!


Mix Things Up

If you are feeling like mixing things up, consider layering a few different colors together. Again, you can determine how you layer the bangles by thinking about either the finish of the bracelet or the colors on it. As a general rule, gold and rose gold typically lay well together as well as silver and rose gold.


Layer by Occasion

If your bangles have a significant meaning, you could layer them depending on which events you want to remember that day. If you are layering by meaning, you do not necessarily have to worry about how they look together because you will know the meaning behind each bangle. In addition to creating your own trendy look, you will also have a talking point when someone compliments you on your unique bangle stack!


Add an Accessory (To your Accessories)

Adding an accessory such as a watch to your bangle stack is a great way to take your look to the next level. Depending on the look you are going for, you could add a leather or a chain-linked watch. The leather watch would be great for a casual look, while chain-linked watches are better for fancier looks.


If watches are not your style, try incorporating a chunky bracelet to your look to get the same textured effect as the watch would give. If you are wearing a lot of bangles, consider adding a few stackable rings to the look. This is a great way to incorporate some extra arm candy (that will technically be worn on your fingers!).


Regardless of the way you choose to stack your bangles, the key is to be confident and rock them! Your confidence will shine as bright as the bangles you have beautifully stacked on your arms!