Learn About Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Diamonds look dazzling in many forms, and the endless options in shape, size and cut can be overwhelming for the average customer.  Knowing what the common diamond shapes are can help you decide if you have a preference for a certain type. Here is a basic rundown:

Round Brilliant Diamonds

These are the most common kinds of diamonds, accounting for more than 75 percent of diamonds sold today. The round brilliant diamonds include 58 different facets. Round brilliant diamonds are popular in engagement rings, stud earrings and pendants. Because of the high demand for round brilliant diamonds, they are more expensive than many diamond shapes.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are often cut in the 58-facet brilliant style. Ovals are popular shapes for engagement rings as well as for three-stone anniversary rings. Oval diamonds can have an elongating effect on hands, helping women with short fingers look like they have longer ones. Ovals are popular and command a high price.

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds have an elongated shape with pointed ends inspired by the Frenchman Marquise de Pompadour. The marquise diamond is shaped like a football and the brilliant variety has 58 facets. Some marquise diamonds have less facets, with 56. Marquise diamonds are often used for rings and offer a change from the usual round and oval diamond rings. These diamonds look best on slender fingers.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are a combination of the oval and marquise shapes, offering a teardrop look. Pear shaped diamonds are used in rings and are also popular for pendants and earrings. Pear-shaped diamonds look becoming on small or average length fingers.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Diamonds with an emerald cut have a rectangular shape with cut corners. The emerald cut diamond has 58 facets but due to the way the diamond is cut, it reflects less light than other diamonds with the same amount of facets, making it sparkle less. Emerald cut diamonds offer a classic, regal look and are most often used in rings.