All Liz’s Rings: A Brief History of Elizabeth Taylor’s Engagement Jewelry

Elizabeth Taylor is remembered for many things including her love for jewelry and her love for getting married. She said “I do” eight times. So what do you get for a girl who is a well-known jewelry lover? Here’s the list….

Conrad Nicky Hilton Elizabeth Taylor Wedding

Husband #1 – Conrad Hilton, 1950

Marrying a Hilton is a great start to collecting fabulous engagement jewelry, and Conrad didn’t disappoint. He gave the 18-year-old Taylor a 4-carat stone in a platinum setting. At the time, no one probably thought that this would become one of her less important pieces of jewelry.

Husband #2 – Michael Wilding, 1952

Taylor started a hot trend by sporting the sapphire engagement ring given to her by Wilding. Once pictures of Taylor wearing this ring surfaced, jewelry stores were swamped with requests for similar engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor April 1957 With Husband Mike Todd Showing Off Diamond Ring

Husband #3 – Mike Todd, 1957

When Mike Todd proposed to Taylor, he gave her one of the most incredible pieces of jewelry that she would ever own. The 29.4 carat emerald cut ring would be tough for future husbands to top. That might be why the next two husbands skipped the engagement ring altogether.

Husband #4 – Eddie Fisher, 1959

Perhaps wanting to avoid a comparison between his ring and the nearly 30-carat stunner she received from husband #3, Fisher instead gave Taylor a dazzling engagement bracelet with 50 diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor 1970 Escorted by husband Richard Burton

Husband #5 – Richard Burton, 1964

Burton also thought giving Taylor something other than a ring was the way to go. He gave her a gorgeous 18.6 carat emerald pendant. The emerald was surrounded by diamonds and could also be worn as a pin.

Husband #6 – Richard Burton, 1975

After divorcing, Burton and Taylor decided to give it another go.  This time he gave her some royal jewels. No, really. They belonged to royalty. Burton bought the emerald necklace set that had belonged to the Grand Duchess of Russia. This would long be one of Taylor’s favorite pieces. It should be noted that Burton also gave Taylor the famous Krupp diamond. This diamond is considered one of the most flawless. Burton bought the stone for $305,000. The ring containing the Krupp diamond sold at auction in 2011 for $8.9 million.

Husband #7 – John Warner, 1976

For engagement number 7, Taylor was given a very beautiful ring that included rubies, emeralds and diamonds. In Taylor’s case, it is not just diamonds that were a girl’s best friend.

Husband #8 – Larry Fortensky, 1991

It’s not likely that Taylor’s final husband gave her much bling. He was a construction worker that she met in rehab, so he wouldn’t have been able to compete with her former loves in the jewelry giving department.  She wore a simple pave wedding band following her nuptials with Fortensky. The lavish wedding, which cost $2 million, was surely paid for by Taylor.

Taylor’s failed marriages are proof that beautiful jewelry can’t keep a relationship together. But at least she had some bling by which to remember her lost loves.