In the midst of a global event that has most of the population isolated in quarantines and practicing social distancing, some couples have found a way to come closer.

When their initial proposal plans failed due to the pandemic and with an engagement ring burning a hole through their pockets, these inventive lovebirds re-evaluated their ideas and adapted the question popping to their quarantine conditions. The results were heartfelt and romantic proposals that make us smile and, proving once again that, at the end of the day, love conquers all.

If you can’t go to Paris then bring Paris to you

When their traveling plans to France got canceled, Luke McClong decided that some chalk, some creativity and each other was all he needed to pop the question. After drawing the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on a brick wall, he leads girlfriend Erika Diffendall to his DIY Paris for a magical moment they will cherish forever.

A quarantine proposal & themed engagement photo op

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but if Vegas fall through and you go ahead with it anyway, then you gotta share it with the world. Which is precisely what James Dillon and Kelly Whalen did after their Las Vegas plans were cancelled.

The night before they were initially planning to fly out, James got on one knee and once Kelly said yes, they called upon Fabian Photo and Films for a fun, socially distant, quarantine themed engagement shoot.

Alone in public

You’ve probably seen the numerous photos of once busy streets now empty of people. Well, Angel Garza saw these empty streets as a romantic opportunity to propose to his girlfriend Alyssa.

With the perfect scenery at hand, the young man even recruited wedding photographer Mr. and Mrs. Archer to capture this special moment.

Suited up

Dr. Giancarlo proposed to his girlfriend in full pandemic fashion, proving that in difficult times, both love and laughter are some of the most valuable assets in life.

Bruno & Jaz… and everyone else! 

This is probably the most popular video going around when it comes to quarantine proposals. When PJ Bruno decided to propose to Jaz Zepatos by maintaining all social distancing regulations, yet still in front of all their friends and family, he decided to go digital.

A few hidden cameras and an online group call gathered everyone together so they can be part of this most enchanting moment.

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