“Mad Men” Jewelry

The fashionable women of “Mad Men” captivate with dazzling vintage jewelry

The AMC hit TV sensation “Mad Men” has inspired a revival of ‘60s-era fashion, including vintage and antique jewelry to complement the sleek suits, floral dresses and soft cardigans gracing the show. For discerning men, vintage gold cuff links make the perfect accessory for a 60s-inspired suit or blazer.

Women have a bevy of style options for vintage jewelry similar to the pieces seen on “Mad Men.” Classic diamond stud earrings in yellow gold or white gold are a versatile staple on the show, and can be dressed down and paired with a cardigan or floral dress or worn with a more upscale ensemble such as a vintage cocktail dress. In keeping with the time period, yellow gold jewelry is popular on the show, and vintage yellow gold bracelets, necklaces and earrings make perfect pairings for bombard blouses and bright dresses. Pearls were a hit in the ‘60s as well and can still be versatile jewelry, going well with everyday outfits or more glamorous evening attire.

Antique Diamonds

For diamond lovers, there is no shortage of ’60s-inspired vintage diamond jewelry to choose from. Three-stone diamond engagement rings were popular during that era, with each ring showcasing a brilliant, large center stone flanked by two smaller diamonds. The three diamonds represent love’s past, present and future. Classic diamond solitaire rings were also popular in the ‘60s, often with round, oval or marquise cut diamonds set in yellow gold. In the late ‘60s, hippie styles inspired more asymmetrical diamond ring designs and wider ring bands.

Whether you are going for a glam look, upscale business wear or feminine and casual, you can find the perfect vintage jewelry to complete your vintage-inspired look, and turn heads like the much-watched cast of “Mad Men.”