Whether you are mad about bling, or love simplicity and all things classic, there is bound to be an engagement ring out there that you will be proud to show off for a lifetime! And yes, your treasured ring should make a real showstopping statement about your unique personality. If you’re going to pick out your ring with your partner, or are just dropping a few hints to your other half about what you’d like you ring to look like, here’s the lowdown on what your engagement ring says about you!

1.  The environmentalist

If you place top priority on the future of the planet and are always doing anything you possibly can to care for the environment, then an eco-friendly engagement ring is no doubt the right choice for you. Go for an alternative gemstone where there is no mining involved, like lab grown diamonds (optically identical with regular diamonds) or glistening moissanites which are also similar to diamonds in appearance. Conflict free engagement rings should also be a priority, ensuring that they are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

2.  The fashionista

Do your friends always call you for fashion advice? Are you one to rush to the shops to bag all the latest ‘must have’ items the moment a new season sets in? Then you’ll no doubt also love to make bold jewelry choices, while keeping celebrity trends in mind. Meghan Markle’s three-stone Trilogy diamond ring continues to be a big trend, while Katy Perry’s pink diamond ring made eyes pop around the world the moment she shared the stunner on Instagram. Oval rings are back in vogue this year too; hardly surprising after supermodel Jourdan Dunn showcased her glistening oval beauty following her engagement earlier this year. Two-tone is also all the rage right now, so feel free to mix and match your metals as you so fashionably please!

3.  The traditionalist

Traditional does not mean boring, it means timeless! And those of you who always appreciate the beauty of classic sophistication will, most likely, need to ensure that your engagement ring will have the same appeal today as it will in 30 or 40 years. Perhaps the most popular classic and traditional engagement rings are those with a single center stone, usually a round shaped or cushion shaped diamond. White gold and yellow gold are also timeless choices and work well with a wide range of gemstones.

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