Whether you are mad about bling, or love simplicity and all things classic, there is bound to be an engagement ring out there that you will be proud to show off for a lifetime. Here’s the lowdown on what your engagement ring says about you!

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1.  The romantic

If you’ve spent years waiting for your prince charming to come along and have finally met ‘the one’, then there is a good chance that something intricate, dainty and delicate is for you. Rose gold is a particularly romantic – and trendy – choice, perfectly combined with heart shaped designs or pink stones like morganite and pink sapphire. Floral designs are also a big hit with the romantic at heart, while family heirlooms or personalized rings are embedded with deep meaning.

2.  The glam queen

If bling is your thing, and sparkly stones are your best friends, then big and bold engagement rings will be right up your street. Princess cut diamonds make a real statement, but do remember, glamorous shouldn’t mean tacky. You can still look gorgeously glamorous but sophisticated at the same time, especially if you choose a ring embellished with a sleek sapphire or morganite stone.

3.  The rebel

Proud of your cool rebellious streak? Then you’ll be even more proud when your hands are adorned with a black beauty. Yes, black diamonds do exist, offering a great twist on the classic engagement ring and are perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd – go for an intricate unusual design and you’ll cause a real stir anywhere you go! If you want to defy tradition altogether, then ditch the stones and go for an edgy or plain ring that doesn’t even resemble the typical engagement ring

Last but not least….do remember that just because you picked a specific ring, it doesn’t mean that your character is totally defined by it. You may want your special ring to symbolize the love between you and your partner in a feminine and pretty way, but that’s not to say that you are only defined by a romantic streak and nothing else. A pink center stone does not specifically turn you into a girly-girl either – perhaps you just want to mix it in with the millennial rose gold trend. And a family heirloom ring doesn’t mean you love tradition and nothing else. To put it simply – let your engagement ring express whatever aspect of your character you desire, the sky’s the limit!