Looking to offer a memorable gift uniquely picked for its wearer? Birthstones on fine jewelry will allow you to balance uniqueness with high-end design, fit for any occasion.

The birthstone for those born in March is the enchanting Aquamarine!

Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl gemstone family. It’s a dichroic (two-colored) stone, appearing blue or colorless depending on what angle it is viewed from.

There are many myths surrounding the aquamarine stone. According to legend the aquamarine originated in the treasure chests of mermaids and has thus been regarded as the sailors’ lucky stone. The soft blue stone is believed to ensure safe and prosperous passage across stormy seas, and provide courage, mental clarity, good health, and reconciliation to its wearer. 

In Medieval times, it was thought to rekindle love and render soldiers invincible.

As Aquamarine is a hard stone it is perfectly suitable for any type of jewelry. Beyond its lovely calm blue color, this stone is perfect for someone who deeply loves the sea, or is about to undertake a long voyage across it.

Elegantly adorable
This white gold engagement ring combines simplicity and uniqueness in a dainty design. The round center aquamarine sits beautifully on the pave setting adorning the band.

Dainty beaded sparkle
Sparkling and unique, these dainty white gold solitaire stud earrings feature 5mm round aquamarines that are prong-set and encircled in a decorative beaded setting. The two stones combined equal to, approximately, 1.00-carat total weight. Polished to a brilliant luster, these gold stud earrings are secured comfortably with friction backs.