If you’re like most people, you want to create an incredible marriage proposal plan, a plan that will sweep your partner off their feet and end in a delighted “yes.” While we can’t plan every detail of your proposal for you, we’re here to help in terms of inspiration. Below, we’re sharing 11 of the best marriage proposal ideas. Read on to discover a range of romantic ideas and find the perfect starting place for your proposal story. 

Memory Lane Proposal 

We’ll start our list of wedding proposal ideas with a classic: the memory lane proposal. It’s very popular to propose on a date that recreates another special moment in your relationship, like your first date or the day you first said, “I love you.” This proposal idea is a classic for good reason. It’s usually very easy to pull off, yet it’s also incredibly meaningful. This is a simple proposal idea that can make a huge impact, making it the perfect proposal idea for many couples. 

Photobooth Proposal 

Popping the question in a photobooth is a sweet, romantic way to propose. Just after you take your first picture, present your love with their engagement ring and ask, “will you marry me?” This wedding proposal strategy is virtually guaranteed to surprise and, since you’re mid-photoshoot with an automated proposal photographer, you’ll get a lovely record of your surprise proposal to treasure forever. 

Spell It Out

Spelling out your proposal message is an exciting, highly photogenic marriage proposal idea. By writing out your message somewhere your significant other will see it, you’ll catch your soon-to-be fiance off guard and create a memorable proposal story. You’ll also create the perfect photoshoot backdrop for taking your “just engaged” photos together, so your social media engagement announcement pictures will be all taken care of. 

There are so many ways you can spell out your proposal message, which range from major public announcements to more intimate options. Some ideas of ways you could spell out a proposal include through skywriting, in a newspaper ad, in the snow or sand, with scrabble pieces, in rose petals, on a movie marquee, with string lights, or on a stadium sign. 

Romantic Trip Proposal 

Whisking your love away on a romantic trip offers the perfect opportunity to ask the big question in a grand way. By planning a romantic getaway and popping the question at just the right moment, you’ll create a fairytale proposal moment. Not sure what your partner’s dream proposal location would be? Some popular options include the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a Disney park, Central Park in New York City, the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Colosseum in Rome, the Tower Bridge in London, and Santorini, Greece. 

Creative Talent Proposal 

If you’re a creative person, consider trying a creative marriage proposal idea that incorporates your talents. For example, if you write music, you could propose to your loved one via an original song. Other creative types may feel better suited to writing a poem, making a short film, choreographing a dance, and so on. 

With this type of proposal, it’s a good idea to start subtle, then allow your proposal message to become more apparent as your song, video, or dance continues. This will make your proposal that much more surprising, making it even more special and memorable. 

Natural Proposal 

If you’re proposing to a nature-lover, go with an outdoor proposal idea. You could ask your love to marry you while strolling on the beach, while hiking in the mountains, or while enjoying their favorite food at a park picnic. 

Puzzle Proposal 

Have a significant other who loves jigsaw puzzles? A puzzle proposal is perfect for you. It’s easy to have a custom jigsaw puzzle made nowadays, so have one created with any picture you think your partner would love, but make sure you put a small proposal message in your image. Then, take the piece (or few pieces) with your message on it out of the box before giving it to your love. When they’re almost done with their puzzle and are looking around for that last piece, give them the last piece (or place it in yourself) and wait for their surprised reaction. 

Seasonal Magic Proposal 

If you’re planning on proposing during your partner’s favorite season, taking advantage of its seasonal magic can create a wonderfully romantic moment. For example, if your partner loves Halloween, you could embrace the season during your proposal by carving a proposal message into a pumpkin or by popping the question on a haunted hayride. If they love Valentine’s Day, go all out with rose petals, chocolate, and fine dining when you propose. Or, if Christmas is their favorite holiday, propose at a Christmas tree farm or have a snowman bear your proposal message. Just think about what your partner loves about their favorite season or holiday, then incorporate that into your proposal plan. 

Scavenger Hunt Proposal 

A scavenger hunt proposal is a fun way to start the rest of your life together. This proposal idea can also be incredibly personal, depending on where you have your significant other go during the treasure hunt. You could keep things light by having your partner run around to random or wacky locations. But if you, say, have them take a tour of places where you shared special moments together, this proposal idea can be both fun and deeply meaningful. 

Friends and Family Members Proposal 

Many people love sharing special moments with their friends and family. If that’s the case for your significant other, make sure their loved ones are around when you propose. You could gather everyone together for a party and let them know that you’ll be surprising your partner with the big question at the event. Or, you could have a more private proposal during a one-on-one date, then celebrate with your loved ones at a pre-planned after party. 

The Hidden Engagement Ring Proposal 

Last but certainly not least, we have the hidden engagement ring proposal. This romantic proposal idea works a bit like a bait and switch. Give your partner a gift that looks like something else, but is actually a vessel for their engagement ring. For example, you can have them find their engagement ring inside a cut-out section of a book, inside a video game box, or in a hidden compartment underneath another gift (like a necklace). This sweet, charming proposal idea also comes with an added bonus: a keepsake that represents the start of a new chapter of your love story.