What Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Says About Her


Meghan Markle is the talk of the town on either side of the pond; while plenty of buzz has focused on her upbringing, her acting career, and even her childhood start as an advocate for women’s equality, the fashion world has become obsessed with the American’s style choices as she embarks on her new life as the Duchess of Sussex.

It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to make statements through their wardrobes, and luxurious jewelry goes hand-in-hand with royals. Take a look at some of Meghan Markle’s most important jewelry pieces and get a feel for what each piece says about Prince Harry’s bride.


Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Style

Meghan Markle’s fashion is contemporary but sophisticated. Her refined look is elegant and understated but never boring. Many of her pieces are gold, a classic precious metal associated with elegance, luxury and longevity.

Weather she’s strolling through the city or arm-in-arm with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s jewelry collection conveys key personality traits that demonstrate the power of expressionism fashion bestows upon all of us.


Delicate Necklaces in Soft Colors

The Duchess of Sussex loves small, subtle necklaces with hairline chains and petite charms. Meghan typically wears warm and rose golds and clean and charming silvers. Each color and piece expresses her maturity, but the charms and their personal meanings allude to her deeper sentimentality and sensitivity.


Stylish Rings

Defined but dainty choices like the Natalie Marie Petite Rose ring showcase Meghan’s soft but affirming nature. Meghan mixes and matches high-end gold and diamond pieces with affordable, boho-inspired geometric cuts and stackable rhinestone sets.


Meaningful Touches to Collectible Pieces

Meghan has strong ties to her roots and cherishes her family and friends. Her dedication to the important things in life can be shown in certain pieces like her coordinates bracelet from NYC jewelry BaubleBar, which she had engraved with those of her hometown.

She also had custom bracelets made for six of her closest friends and Kate Middleton as wedding favors; the Zofia Day Kensington bracelets are made of solid gold and centered with a thin, smooth disc.


The Wedding Collection

On her wedding day, the Duchess of Sussex wore an elegant ensemble that consisted of a custom-made Givenchy gown and several simple and sophisticated jewelry pieces.

Honoring tradition and showing admiration and respect for the long line of royalty she is joining, Meghan Markle donned a striking diamond bandeau tiara from the Queen’s jewelry vault.

She accentuated the headpiece with white gold and diamond earrings and a bracelet from French designer Cartier. As for her wedding ring, Meghan defied royal tradition and bestowed her new husband with a textured platinum band. Hers, however, was fashioned from the long-established royal stash of Welsh gold, which has been used to craft the royal family’s wedding bands since the Queen Mother’s 1923 nuptials.


Meghan Markle’s Style in a Nutshell

Hardworking, mature, committed and refined, Meghan Markle’s personality shines through her contemporary but conventional closet. She stands as a prime illustration for us all that we can use our fashion as a way to simply but strongly showcase our greatest attributes, pay honor to our most prized values and emulate the type of success and lifestyle we strive to cultivate.