Must Have Pieces for 2013

It is the perfect time to look forward and begin to explore the must have jewelry trends that will follow us to 2013.

Geometric Patterns

If you walk the streets, you may find yourself having flashbacks to that high school math class that loved so much. The pieces triggering those flashbacks are part of one of the hottest jewelry trends for 2013. If you want to follow the fashion forward this season, then the geometric pattern is the way to go. Look for necklaces with triangle details or earrings with dangling diamond patterns that will add style to any wardrobe. Take your math lesson to a new level and prove that you are at the forefront of today’s fashion frenzy.

Neon Color Blocking

Color blocking has made its way to the runway in another form and fashion. This season look for large statement necklaces that incorporate color blocking in their palette as a way to show that you’ve still got it. When it comes time to choosing pieces this spring, look for bright pieces that will compliment those cool colors that emerge when the clouds part and the sun emerges once again.

Rose Gold

A rose by any other name is just as stylish. This year the golden age of the season is raised gold. The beautiful metallic first landed on the scene as a fashion forward alternative to standard watch selections. This season you will see the rose gold collection expand into the area of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Barkev’s White & Rose Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring

Southwest Inspired Jewelry

Last season may have been the season of the feather, but this season will bring the emergence of a southwest style. Look for turquoise pieces that are created with feathers as an integral part of the design. Some great color combinations for these pieces are turquoise and purple or turquoise and yellow. The bright colors will compliment almost any color combination in your closet.

A New Year brings a new opportunity to spread your fashion wings. Take advantage of the emerging trends and strike while the iron is hot in order to have the best selection of pieces for the upcoming season.