The world is an interesting place driven by folklore, past experiences, conversations on social media and a wide variety of other factors that influence our thoughts and ultimately our behaviors. And when it comes to black diamonds, they don’t get the credit they deserve.

Do aliens exist? Are we going to build a new civilization on Mars? These are the questions floating around today and, bringing things back down to earth, black diamonds may seem mysterious in the same way but they’re really not.

As one of the leading designers of black diamond engagement rings we’re often asked about what black diamonds mean along with a variety of other questions ranging from the value of black diamonds to if they’re really the best choice.

This goes back to superstitions that have been around for hundreds of years – like black cats being associated with Halloween and bad luck – which people either consciously or subconsciously associate with black diamonds.

In reality, choosing a black diamond engagement ring is purely based on you understanding your significant other – the colors they love, their style, etc. – and that should be the driving force behind the ring you choose.