Six Non-Traditional Engagement Rings You Need to See Right Now

Six Different Engagement Ring Styles to Wow the Bride

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but modern brides are beginning to break with the tradition of a diamond for their engagement ring. Today, brides want a ring that reflects their personality and relationship with their groom-to-be and not a cliché. This desire is leading to new and exciting trends in engagement rings that are adding spice to saying I do.

Many couples still want a diamond but also crave something unique. An excellent choice for them is a colored diamond or a fancy diamond. Yellow and brown are the most preferred, but diamonds also exist in shades of pink, blue, purple, green orange, and gray. This allows a couple to honor the diamond tradition with a little twist.


With the modern desire for color and uniqueness, colored gemstones are making a comeback in engagement rings. Colored gemstones are wonderful choices because they are cheaper than diamonds. This allows for a larger stone and more variety for less money. Also, colored gemstones can be personalized. The couple may choose to have gems that represent their love in some way or their birthstones.


Pearl rings are often overlooked as engagement rings but a couple who wants to follow tradition should consider them. The various styles of pearl rings offer a multitude of choices, either a single stone or many smaller ones. Pearls mix well with diamonds and other gemstones, the possibilities are endless. Pearls are also less expensive as stones go, allowing for a larger centerpiece or more stones for less money.


When we think of engagement rings, we think of a ring focused on diamonds and other gems. Yet, a refreshing change is the new trend of engagement bands. These bands can be fancy or plain. They can be decorated with engravings, tiny gems, or even fingerprints to create a unique look. These bands can do double duty as a wedding band or blend with a second band to create the wedding set.


While polished gems are glorious, many couples are considering gems in the rough. Rings are now being made with unpolished diamonds and other gemstones. These rings have a rough, modern look and the uniqueness of the stone creates a one of a kind ring. These rings are also less expensive for the rough stones are cheaper.


Why should girls have all the fun? A cool new trend in engagement rings is a ring for the groom. Since this is a new trend, there are no set traditions, so the sky’s the limit. It can be anything from a simple band, to a signet ring, to a hulking gold and diamond beast. This is a wonderful way for brides to share their love with their fiancés and to start their marriages off on equal footing.


The most important part of the engagement ring is how it represents the couple’s love for each other. Changes in engagement ring traditions are allowing couples to express their individual tastes and create a look unique to them.