Oscars Jewelry

Natalie Portman's stunning tassel earrings at the 2011 Academy Awards made chandelier earrings all the rage.

Proper placement at the Oscars can be a make-or-break moment for the world’s top jewelry designers. When Hollywood starlets walk the stage and red carpet wearing a stunning piece of designer jewelry, the world gets a glimpse of the year’s best earrings, bracelets, rings and broaches.

Each year, the world’s top jewelry designers lend standout pieces to Hollywood stars attending the Academy Awards. According to the Los Angeles Times, legendary jeweler Harry Winston started the trend by lending several coveted pieces for stars to wear to the 1941 Academy Awards Ceremony. Initially, the jewelry was overlooked in photographs. However, with the growth of media outlets such as print magazines, television and the Internet, and the increasing prestige of the ceremony, the jewelry worn at the annual Academy Awards has gained an audience of accessory lovers across the globe.

In 2011, the tassel earrings worn by Best Actress winner Natalie Portman ranked among the highest selling earrings that year. Portman’s earrings also helped to cement chandelier-style earrings as a top trend.

The Academy Awards is the Super Bowl of fashion night; however, many jewelry designers lend their top pieces for other awards season events, such as the Golden Globes, SAGs, and the Grammys.

Whenever a red carpet is present, you will see spectacular jewelry pieces that will be all the rage that year.

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