Five Pets That Have Better Bling Than You Do

Want a Showstopping Pet? Bling Them Out With Jewelry

Many people treat their pets as humans. It’s easy to see why. Pets love us unconditionally. They become our best friends because they’re always looking forward to spending time with us. They eat, they’re social, and they lounge around just like us humans do. Therefore, they should be allowed to have some fun too. Many of us love dressing up and looking good. Sometimes, it’s fun to do the same with pets. There are fun ways to bling out your pets.

Dogs Have it Easy

Dogs are lucky because you always see them strutting around in style. Dogs almost always wear collars. It’s a way the owner can keep track of their dogs in case they slip out of the house or leash unnoticed. These collars are also a way to have some fun. There are hundreds if not thousands of different options for collar designs. The best part is adding some bling. Consider getting your dog little metals that hang from their collar. Of course, one should say their address. You can have fun with the rest. Get them one in the shape of a bone or a letter to match their name.


Turn Your Dog Into a Princess with a Collar Flower

Want to get noticed while you’re walking through the town with your dog? Consider a crocheted flower collar. These collar additions are soft and elegant. They glam up your dog’s overall look in a way that is safe and comfortable. These flowers can be worn every day and they show people that your dog is well-loved and pampered.


Yorkies are Fabulous in Diamonds and Pearls

Yorkies are gorgeous dogs and they’ve long been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. These are dogs who have long fur that can easily be styled in a bow. Yorkies also rock jewelry almost better than humans do. Pearls and necklaces look great when set against a Yorkie’s long fur. If there’s one thing to be said about Yorkies, it’s that they accessorize.


Diamonds are a Cats Best Friend

Cats look great in diamond-studded collars! Cats are majestic creatures and therefore, they need a collar that reflects them. Consider getting them one that contains diamonds or one covered in sparkles. No matter what color fur your cat has, these will look purr-fect. If you have an all black kitty, consider getting them white-gold diamonds. It will add an extra pop of glam to their solid-colored fur. Cats love attention and blinged out collars are one way to make sure they get noticed.


Siamese Cats and Crowns

Siamese cats won’t stay in one place for very long. If you’re trying to take photos, however, you might be able to quickly get them to rock a crown. Siamese cats are beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate. They’re born to wear a crown. Consider a tiny one studded with diamonds to show the world just how regal your cat is.


Pet Jewelry is Fun

Overall, pet jewelry is something light and fun that we can do to show the world that we love our pets. Animals also love any sort of affection or pampering that they get. Often times, they won’t even notice that they are donning jewelry as fabulous as they are.


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