How to Pick Earrings That Complement Your Hair

Earrings are a fun way to compliment any outfit. From elegant cocktail dresses to a simple tank top and jeans, earrings are a perfect way to let people know that you are, in fact, fashionably fabulous. Of course, hairstyles play a major part in determining which earrings will add the most to a given look, so it is salient to ensure that you are picking adornments that compliment your hairstyle. Whether you rock a bob or let your curly locks flow freely, there is an earring for it and a way to know how to choose.

For Long Locks

Having a lot of hair is like having a built-in accessory. While long tresses are not the end all to be all of wearing unruly chandelier earrings, they are the beginning of sporting some sophisticated studs and fancy hoops. Because long hair tends to fan away from the face, once hidden studs are easily noticed and dramatic hoops are able to protrude in all of their glory. Most importantly, however, is the fact that bold chandelier earrings can get caught in your hair whereas studs and hoops simply compliment it.


For Short Styles and Up-Dos

Dangle earrings work best for short hair or up-dos because the hair is not the focal point when it is cut short or tied back. While drop earrings bring attention to your face rather than your hair, they also elevate any outfit while concurrently adding sophistication to your appearance.


For the Beloved Bob

Bob hairstyles frame the face, making studs and simple hoops invisible. While this is disheartening for plenty of women, a silver lining is to be found and it starts with dramatic chandelier earrings. With the bottoms of the jewelry hanging out just below the bob, a level of pizzazz is added like never before. Because bobs are typically cut at an angle, up-dos are difficult to pull off, which makes showing off just any earring a nearly impossible feat.


For Half Up, Half Down Styles

One would think that this style offers the best of both worlds. With the belief that the half updo can rock both earrings designed for short and long hair, people attempt to pull off anything while failing to realize some serious fashion violations. Stylists recommend treating this hairstyle like you would long tresses, meaning that hoops and studs get the yes vote. Few drop or chandelier ornaments work here as they weirdly blend in with your down strands of hair.