What is the One Piece of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own?

White gold diamond & rubellite earrings - 7586EWFrom diamond-studded earrings and natural pearl necklaces to luxury watches and delicate tennis bracelets, the stylish woman should have jewelry that suits her sophisticated style.  When building your jewelry collection, it is important to know which piece is the most essential. Cocktail rings are a must-have piece of fashion jewelry for all well-dressed women.  These radiant beauties are at the forefront of the world’s most renowned jewelry collections, because they make a splash at every occasion.

Statement pieces are an important part of the jewelry collection because they are the capper for your attire. Cocktail rings are the ideal statement pieces due to their eye-catching allure. Outside of an engagement ring, no other piece of jewelry says more about the wearer. Mainly because cocktail rings are a reflection of your personality and they speak volumes about your distinct style. Since they are designed to stand out, take the “more is more” approach when buying a cocktail ring.

One of the best parts about buying a cocktail ring is the various design styles you can choose from. The options are limitless since the rings are not bounded by tradition. When choosing a cocktail ring, you have the freedom to have fun with the design. You can choose from vintage-style rings with floral motifs, swirling mixed-colored gemstones, or rope-twist bands. The rings can also feature a range of precious metals, such as yellow, white or rose gold, and platinum. If you really want to create a truly remarkable piece, choose a multi-colored band that blends different colors of gold.

White gold diamond & rubellite ring - 7588LWUnlike engagement rings, which typically feature colorless diamonds, cocktail rings can be set with a variety of gemstones. Whether you desire green emeralds, red rubies, blue topaz or black onyx, there are a number of vibrant gemstones to choose from. If you are an unabashed diamond lover, the rings can be set with fancy colored pink, black, yellow or purple diamonds to add a more glamorous look. Just remember to choose a center stone with a striking color to give the ring an exquisite pop.

When searching for a cocktail ring, be sure to consider a range of designs, precious metals and gemstones to find a highly original piece with an undeniable pop.  Choose the most vibrant ring in the jewelry case. Do not worry about adhering to trends and styles because a fabulous cocktail ring will remain timelessly beautiful.