Plan the Perfect Proposal According to Her Engagement Ring Style

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then studying the company she chooses can help you learn more about your love and even help you plan the perfect proposal. Pay attention to the types of rings your lady gravitates toward, and you’ll find clues as to the perfect engagement that will knock her socks off.

Here are some guidelines for how to pop the question, based on her ring preference:

  • Vintage or antique engagement rings symbolize a unique style and fondness for bygone eras. To knock her socks off, set up a proposal in a place reminiscent of the past, such as a historic landmark, an old-fashioned restaurant or diner or speakeasy. Pay attention to the time periods she adores, and you’ll be able to win her over with a proposal  that conjures up that era.
  • Solitaire rings are classic pieces that stand the test of time. To woo this tradition-minded lass, go all out with a romantic proposal in a special place that you can return to and celebrate on big anniversary dates. A breathtaking scene overlooking a lake, on a mountain or atop a skyscraper can all wow your love and allow you to revisit together in the future.
  • Three-stone engagement rings symbolize your love’s past, present and future. Since these elements are all important to your bride-to-be, you can incorporate them into your proposal. Include a story or memento from your first date or the time you first met as a tribute to your past. For the present, enjoy a beautiful setting that pleases the sense, with scenic sights, beautiful music and fine food and wine. Pay homage to your love’s future with a symbol of your future hopes, such as a collage of your aspirations, a poem or a story of how you see yourselves in the future.
  • Contemporary engagement rings are for the woman who loves to be on the cutting edge and enjoys modern life. Forget tradition and propose in a non-conventional way. Consider her hobbies and passions for inspiration on the perfect setting or props. When you do pop the question, you can use words like “partner” and “equal” for this modern-minded woman.