Princess Cut: An Environmentally Friendly Option

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Barkev’s Princess Cut Engagement Ring

There is a reason why the princes cut diamond ring has become one of the favorite diamond cuts today – it is simply beautiful. However, there is another reason why the princess cut diamond is a great option for your diamond engagement ring. It is also a more environmentally friendly option. In fact, when cutting a princess cut diamond there is far less waste than with many of the other diamond cuts.

Less Waste of the Diamond with the Princess Cut

Diamond cutters easily favor the princess cut diamond for a very specific reason. It has to do with its yield from the rough diamond. Cutting a rough diamond down the middle will be like getting two princess cut diamonds (all that would be left is adding structure and faceting to the stone), as its yield is around 80%-90%, as opposed to the round brilliant cut diamond, which yields less than half of that at around 40%. As a result, the princess cut diamond becomes more cost effective than the round brilliant diamonds and there is far less waste, which is very appealing to those who are environmentally conscious.


The explosion of the princess cut diamond phenomenon also has to do with the extremely high quality of rough diamond crystals they are cut from as well as their near perfect formation. This also indicates how clean the rough is as well. As a result, a clarity grade on this cut of diamond is biased on the high end of the scale. The selection of SI2 and I1 cuts are usually in short supply, as the princess cut diamond programs were always supplied to the major retail chains. Demands were often hard to meet.

If you desire a beautiful diamond cut but also want a diamond cut that generates less waste than many of the other diamond cuts, the princess cut diamond may be the option for you.