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Lira Mercer, Rick Ross’ 21 year old girlfriend and now fiancé, is one lucky chick!

Rick Ross just spent $350,000 on an 11ct engagement ring that you can’t miss from miles away. The two have been dating for only a few months but it seems like soon to be Mrs. Ross is one committed girl, and we now see why!

Sources say the main attraction of her gorgeous ring is a 5ct emerald-cut diamond that is a definite eye-catcher. Her wedding band is also covered in diamonds weighing at 6 carats.

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Amber Rose’s Instagram

Lira’s friend, Amber Rose, posted a picture of Lira’s new bling on her Instagram page with the caption “When it’s REAL, you just know.” The ecstatic bride-to-be isn’t holding back on her Instagram pictures of her new diamond either. See for yourself below!

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Lira Galore’s giant engagement ring (Instagram)