Should I Take my Ring Off While I…

Wearing your ring every day isn’t something you typically think about. Whether it’s your wedding ring or one of your favorite pieces that you can’t live without, you typically can get away with wearing your ring to almost any situation. However, depending on what you do and where you go, it may be best for you to take off your ring every now and then.

When the Ring Must Come Off

Keeping your ring on in any and every situation is risky. Any activity or environment that makes it easier for you to lose your ring is the perfect opportunity for you to give your fingers a breather. Wondering when and where you should take your ring off? Read on.


Water-Related Activities

Planning on boating, kayaking, or rafting anytime soon? These activities, while fun, pose a risk for your ring. The cold water involved in these activities can make your fingers shrink through vasoconstriction. This makes it easier for your ring to slip off your finger. Additionally, the rushing water will make it next to impossible to find a lost ring.


Landscaping and Gardening

Anything that involves as much soil and dirt as landscaping and gardening spell trouble for your rings. Whether your work in the dirt for a living or every-so-often dig up vegetables from your home garden, it’s better to either wear gloves or remove your ring completely.


Washing Dishes by Hand

Can’t bear the idea of losing your wedding band in the garbage disposal? Neither can we. Do yourself a favor and wear dishwashing gloves or keep your fingers bare when washing dishes. However, if you are simply rinsing your plate off to put it in the dishwasher, you should be fine.


Cleaning with Harsh Chemicals

When using chemicals, it’s a good idea to not use bare hands, but if you find yourself without gloves, take your ring off first. Cleaning chemicals can damage your ring’s appearance and are best left far away from your ring.


Playing Sports

Contact sports can lead to injury for many reasons– one of them is wearing a ring. This occurs when the ring is caught on something that can lead to your break or lose a finger or you scratching another person with your ring.

Wearing a ring in certain situations can spell danger for you or your jewelry. Take every effort to protect your ring by taking it off when the situation calls for it. Use these five tips as a guide for when it is best to keep your hands bare