As the world progresses over time so do trends and it’s interesting how rose gold has become popular over the past ten years ranging from the sales of rose gold engagement rings spiking to one of the most popular phones being offered in a rose gold color.  

We thought it would be helpful to use our 40+ years of experience in the jewelry industry to answer some of the most common questions around rose gold, which sparked the idea for this blog post. 

Are 14k or 18k Rose Gold Engagement Rings Better? 

Unlike yellow gold where 18k has a more rich, vibrant color it’s the opposite for rose gold – the characteristics we all know and love about rose gold jewelry are most present in 14k due to the mix of metals that highlight the pinkish color. 

Is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring a Good Idea? 

First and foremost, any engagement ring is a good idea if you love the person you’re proposing to and want to spend your life with them. Secondly, you are looking to marry this person because you know them very well, including their likes and dislikes, so if anyone can answer the question around if a rose gold engagement ring is a good idea that will be you! 

Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings Timeless? 

There’s a difference between styles and trends that come and go over time, and on the flip side things in our lives that are timeless. The rose gold trend has taken off lately and we see no signs of it letting up, and the same applies to engagement rings. If something is special now it will always be. 

Should You Buy a Rose Gold Engagement Ring? 

At Barkev’s we do our best to understand trends, create unique designs and make customers happy but unfortunately can’t predict the future. The decision around buying a rose gold engagement ring, yellow gold, white gold, etc. is outside of our control but we are here to help you every step of the way. 

If you are looking to buy a rose gold engagement ring you can browse our unique designs and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!