Bright, bold and incredibly beautiful, sapphire stunners have been treasured throughout the centuries, worn by royalty and loved by celebrities the world over. And now, as we wave goodbye to the summer and slowly welcome the cooler climes of autumn, it’s time to celebrate the birthdays of all those near and dear to us born in September. If you’re looking to make a great impression, a piece of sophisticated sapphire jewelry – September’s glorious birthstone – could be the perfect birthday gift to show just how much you care.  

1.    Symbolism and history

Derived from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’, aristocracy in ancient Greece and Rome believed that the sapphire could guard someone from evil. A stone of great wisdom and strength, sapphires were even thought to symbolize heaven in the Middle Ages. Representing the gorgeous blue of the brilliant skies above, sapphires have and always will be associated with good fortune and virtue.

2.    World-famous sapphires

The world was dazzled when the late Princess Diana sported a gorgeous blue sapphire upon her engagement to Prince Charles, then handed on by Prince William to his now-wife, Kate Middleton. Recent events seem to have stirred a global sapphire frenzy, but the precious gemstone actually stepped into the limelight long before these British royals chose to express their love and devotion with this blue stunner. The ‘Star of India’ is perhaps one of the most famous sapphires in the world; a 563.35-carat  star sapphire mined in Sri Linka over 300 years ago, now on display at the American Museum of Natural History. That’s not to forget the legendary Rockefeller Sapphire, unearthed in Burma, and acquired in 1934 by philanthropist John Rockerfeller from an Indian maharaja.

3.    A sapphire trivia tease

Most people immediately think of a vibrant deep blue when they think of a sapphire, but unbeknown to many gemstone lovers, sapphires come in a whole range of other colours, with pink sapphires now growing in popularity. In fact, one of the most special types of sapphires is a pinkish orange variety going by the name of ‘padparadscha’; one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. Colour aside, did you know that Sapphires are not just a September gemstone, but are also gifted to partners celebrating their 5th or 45th anniversary? A true reminder of the love you’ve shared and the strength that bonds you as a couple, a sapphire stone is one to treasure forever.

4. Sapphire gift ideas

So you’ve decided to gift a sapphire but just can’t decide what to buy? We know that gifts are a very personal choice, but you can’t really go far wrong if you opt for a simple and sleek design, like these delicate pink sapphire stud earrings polished to a brilliant lustre. And lovers of all things classic will surely be impressed by these blue beauties that will stand the test of time,  combining white gold with the eternal sparkle of sapphire.

Is your soon to be fiancé born in September?  Make her heart melt with a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring.