Selecting the Perfect Wedding Bands

Once the initial excitement of the engagement wears off, the true journey begins. Its time to start planning the wedding and selecting your wedding bands. There are several questions that need to be answered when selecting your wedding rings.

 Choosing Matching versus Separate Bands

The days of every couple choosing to have totally matching wedding bands are a thing of the past. The trend has now become for more and more couples to choose individual wedding bands that reflect the unique personality of both members of the couple.

Barkev’s Modern and contemporary styled wedding band.

Should the Band Match the Engagement Ring?

The next decision that must be made when choosing your wedding bands is to decide whether or not she will continue to wear the engagement ring as part of a set or if she will choose a completely separate option and keep the engagement ring as a keepsake. The decision to not where the engagement ring is not one to be taken lightly especially if the ring was selected as a surprise. The conversation that you have at that point must be carefully crafted in order to avoid hurting his feelings if he selected a style that you may not want to wear forever.

 How Do You Select A Jeweler?

 The jeweler that you select will depend on several factors including proximity to you and your own personality familiarity with jewelry selection. If you are open to buying online, then your options are endless. If however purchasing online is not an option that you want to pursue, you need to determine which local jewel will best suit our needs. If you have made large jewelry purchases in the past, then you may opt to use that same jeweler again. Before making that decision though, be sure to consult your partner as they may also have a trusted jeweler that they have used in the past. In that case, you will find yourself needing to make your first compromise as a couple. If however neither of you has made a large jewelry purchase in the past consider consulting your married friends and asking where they purchased their wedding rings at. They will be a great source of information that can help guide you on the way to selecting the perfect bands.

Selecting your wedding bands will be a memory that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose to have matching bands or bands that reflect the individual wearing them is irrelevant. The most important thing about ring selection is that this will symbolize the beginning of your new life together and will serve as the first memory that you are making as an engaged couple so have fun and choose wisely.