When Sex and the City premiered on HBO back in 1998 it was a game changer and turned into being one of the most influential shows around relationships up until this day ranging from how couples find better ways to work together to learning from mistakes in the past. And when Mr. Big finally proposed to Carrie he chose a stunning 5-carat black diamond engagement ring.

When looking at the proposal itself, as leading designers in the black diamond engagement ring space, this stood out to us:

Mr. Big: “How is that for a little sparkle”
Carrie: “That’s a lot of sparkle”
Carrie: “Why’d you get a black diamond?”
Mr. Big: “Cause you’re not like anyone else”
Carrie: “Ahh that’s a relief, I thought you were going to say it’s the color of my soul”

Black diamonds are unique, tell a story, and it’s cool to see how one of the most epic TV shows hits on that. Basically, why did Mr. Big get Carrie a black diamond ring? Because she’s “not like anyone else.” And that’s special.