Spring Runway

We look to the runways for the latest in all things couture. The designers bring innovative collections to us, intriguing our minds and captivating our imaginations. Their ideas are unique and spark the creativity inside us all, leading us to add our own personal style to the beautiful ensembles. Without these great creators, we would not progress in our style, leaving us stagnant and dull.

Fashion is a beautiful thing, because it enables individuals everywhere to express themselves. Clothing is a piece of art, and our personal preferences towards specific pieces speak volumes about our personality. Daily decisions of what to wear can send certain messages to those around us. Choosing a skirt over a pantsuit makes a statement of femininity. It shows the wearer is feeling flirty and free, as opposed to structured and powerful. People make judgments about others based on the clothing they wear, making it important to pick pieces that are sure to impress.

A show highlighting Spring 2013 trends showcased structured silhouettes, bold patterns and balanced volume. These trends all share the common idea of a contained, yet sexy femininity. Neutral colors are contrasted with pops of neon, giving a flirty, yet sophisticated twist to wardrobe basics.

These structured looks are perfectly complimented by hardware jewelry. Stylists chose to pair these pieces with gold bands and knuckle-duster rings, giving an edgy feel. Because neutral colors are in this spring, it is up to your accessories to bring the glamour and spunk. Try mixing statement pieces into your everyday looks to amp up the interest and flair. Another jewelry trend that was hot on the runway for spring was brooches. These delicate pieces add old world flair, giving your outfit multiple dimensions.

Barkev’s Yellow Sapphire Necklace

Vintage inspired jewelry is everywhere this season. From wedding bands to earrings, this style has taken the jewelry world by storm. Its exceeding popularity could be due to the timeless charm these styles carry. Everyone loves the idea of wearing accessories that have proven class, and vintage pieces offer just that. This style is here to stay, making it a must have for your jewelry wardrobe.

Have fun experimenting with a variety of looks this season. Incorporate statement jewelry with runway looks to find a combination that suits your style and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Gold, hardware jewelry is a great way to add an edgy vibe. If you like a more delicate look, vintage inspired brooches, rings and earrings are a great way to complete a romantic and soft style. Finding the perfect outfit is easy this spring, with so many options and ways to customize the runway trends.