In the midst of a pandemic engagements and proposals may seem quite a trivial thing to be concerned with at the moment. However, for those who have been looking forward and planning this moment, having it all fall through can be heartbreaking. 

Yet, even with canceled traveling plans due to closed borders and most of the population isolated in quarantines or practicing social distancing, there are nevertheless ways to turn the situation around, adjust, chin up and propose anyway.

As a piece of general advice, you should focus less on the ‘showiness’ of the proposal, and instead, pour your energy into how you can make it wholesome.

We have piled up some suggestions for you, but if you wish to see how other couples did it and get some extra inspiration, check out these quarantined lovebirds.

Recreate it

You can always bring the magic home, as long as you have each other the rest is just details. Get help from local vendors and online services to recreate your initial plans in a home environment.

  • Was the plan to propose during a trip to Europe? How about transforming each room into a different city by using props (an image of the Eiffel Tower for example), ordering (or cooking) food that is characteristic of each country (Italian cannelloni, French wine, Greek Feta Salad, etc.), and playing different music as you step into each country room. If you want to make it more fun, guide your significant other to each room through a series of clues on printed copies of tickets.
  • Were you headed to a sunny destination? Bring in the mood with some sound of waves, beach candles, tropical decoration and seashells, some cocktails, and long chairs.
  • Did you have a restaurant booked? Contact the restaurant and see if they would be willing to deliver the food instead. Set up the atmosphere with some candles and flowers, and perhaps even get a band to virtually serenade you!

Adapt it

There’s no need to despair, all there is to do is adapt your proposal to the circumstances.

  • Hide your friends & family in an online call: You may not be able to have your loved ones around on this special occasion, but you can still share the moment with them. Set up a group video call, tell them to mute their microphones, and hide the call window. Reveal them once you hear that long-awaited “yes” and celebrate!

Re-invent it

When life gives you lemons, right? Perhaps the solution is to come up with an entirely new idea, themed around your current circumstances. Enjoy your surroundings, your home, the empty streets, and all that alone time you two now have. Get creative and inspired, after all, is there anyone else you would rather be quarantined with than your soulmate? 

  • The blanket fort: Awaken your inner child and turn your home into a romantic playground. You have all the tools for this one right at home! Get pillows, cushions blankets, umbrellas, broomsticks, clothespins, safety pins, flashlights, and Christmas lights. Now go on Pinterest and check for some inspiration. Get some snacks and champaign ready, turn the lights off and turn the Christmas lights on, and the scenery is set!
  • Memory Lane: Fill your home with photo memories from your relationship; you can hang them from balloons or cover the walls with them and assign a year or specific memories to each room. Make a trail of candles in the corridor leading to each room. 

Don’t have the ring yet? No problem.

If you’re in the early stages of planning and you found yourself stuck safely at home, right when you were scouting for that one ring, fear not. Browse through this wide range of engagement rings, order, and get it delivered. If you’re worried about the fact that it may not be the right fit for your sweetheart, you can always use Barkev’s Try At Home Option.