Instafamous and established hairstylist Lara C. Kay has over a hundred thousand Instagram followers, a hair care line, and, as she deservingly flaunted on Monday, a bunch of unique dazzlers by Barkev’s.

Lara C. Kay (@larackay) shared this photo on Monday, August 25th, with the caption “Let’s start our Monday off right,” followed by an angel emoji. Lara looks heavenly indulging in the multi-ring trend of 2015. She seems to be sporting a different ring on each finger, talk about an alluring way to get rid of Monday blues.

Alongside the multiring trend, the stylish Lara C. Kay also selected rings that are up to date with this year’s jewelry trends—including a two-tone ring that incorporates rose gold, split-shanks, and black gemstones. Her color choices compliment her make-up and nails beautifully, completing her ultra glamorous look.

Lara C. Kay is a Los Angeles based hairstylist and educator dedicated to bringing beauty into people’s lives. Join over a 150 thousand others and follow her on Instagram: @larackay.

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