Styling the Choker Necklace

If you are looking for a way to convey out of the box style this season than look no further than the choker necklace. The emerging trend is making a full fledge comeback this season as it was seen on the majority of the major runway shows of the season. Part of the renewed interest can be linked to the heightened interest of the royal family due to the new royal darling Kate Middleton. If you remember once upon a time Lady Diana was a big fan of the choker style. One great thing about the choker is that this iconic piece can be styled to fit any occasion.

 Feminine Mystique

If you are looking to convey an image of feminine mystique, then select a pearl choker for your ensemble. Pearls are inherently feminine and you can style them with almost anything. If you want to create the biggest wow factor, then wear your pearl choker paired with a dark jewel tone jacket or dress. The dark color will serve as a vibrant canvas that will highlight the choker well. Think along the lines of a ruby corduroy jacket and a light colored blouse. The pearl will appear that much brighter when placed next to the ruby jacket.

Biker Chick Chic

If on the other hand you are looking to rock a biker chic image then think more along the lines of bling. You need to find something that will stand out against the dark black jacket or lace top and boots that scream biker chic.

Suitable for Evening

When it comes to styling a choker with for evening, less is more. Look for chokers that are single ribbons with minimal embellishment. Your outfit for the event will be the showstopper and your choker should be a complementary not competing piece.

The choker is a must have for fall and is one that can be style to be appropriate for any occasion. The only thing missing now is you. How will you put your stamp on this trend?