The 5.7 Million Dollar Dress Worn by Debbie Wingham

If you have a cool 6 million dollars lying around then listen up, for the reasonable price of 5.7 million dollars, you can become the proud owner of your very own black diamond dress. The gown was showcased in Kiev during Ukraine Fshion Week as part of the luxury line of self-taught British designer Debbie Wingham and is now in the record books as the as the Most Expensive Dress according to the World Record Academy. The masterpiece is the latest in a line of luxury items that will be debuted in the coming months.

Wingham referred to her masterpiece as an “anthem for a beautiful woman who loves life.” Wingham who has dressed celebrities including Kate Winslet and Hillary Swank created the bold design as a centerpiece in the luxury collection that features denim jeans with diamond studs and hand-stitched 14 carat white gold thread. The dress itself took more than 6 months to hand-sew. The end result is twenty-five 2 carat black diamonds that create the peplum top of the 29 pound dress. 25 more black diamonds adorn the shrug with another 5 carats used to create the embellished bustier.

When asked about the inspiration behind the dress, Wingham sited the Fashion House of Chanel. During the design process, Wingham envisioned Audrey Hepburn as the dream client who would showcase her piece. When it came time to showcase the masterpiece, she made a very calculated decision. The designer opted to show her piece in Kiev because she felt that it would be the perfect market for the remainder of the collection of diamond jeans. Once the dress completes its fashion tour it will be available for sale to the highest bidder, so mark your calendar and be prepared to be become the talk of the town.