The Allure of Black Diamonds

For someone who loves diamonds but wants to stand out in a crowd, black diamonds are a great choice. Not only are they do they create an exciting sultry look, they are rare and elegant. Black diamonds are a great choice for all types of jewelry for both men and women alike.

There is no doubt that the black diamond has some mystery and allure to it, making it even more desirable in jewelry

The black diamond is also known as “Carbonado,” and it has a polycrystalline structure that causes it to sparkle. It is primarily found in Brazil and Central Africa. Black diamonds have traces of nitrogen and carbon in their structure, probing some people to question their origin. There is no doubt that the black diamond has some mystery and allure to it, making it even more desirable in jewelry. Its colors range from dark gray to deep black.

Black diamond jewelry is extremely versatile because it can be part of a casual outfit as well as a dressy ensemble. Black diamonds look great with a cocktail dress, business suit, or even jeans and a sweater. Because they have slightly less sparkle than a while diamond, black diamonds are perfect for men’s jewelry. In fact, many men have them as part of their wedding band designs. Black diamonds can create a masculine look that is incomparable to white diamonds.

Virtually any type of jewelry pieces become sensational with the addition of black diamonds. Perhaps one of the most interesting and gorgeous ideas is the black diamond engagement ring. Why go for a traditional white diamond like everyone else? A woman will surely stand and get noticed when she has a gorgeous black diamond solitaire ring on her left hand. A man and a woman can get matching black diamond wedding rings for a timeless and creative look.

Black diamonds look absolutely stunning when they are paired with other colored diamonds and gems in jewelry. The possibilities are rather endless when it comes to all of the combinations. Imagine a white gold ring with a black diamond round solitaire hugged by white diamonds, rubies, or sapphires. Or picture a platinum pendant with black diamonds and canary yellow diamonds. Stunning pieces of jewelry can be created with the addition of luscious black diamonds.