The Amethyst February Birthstone

Every month has a stone that symbolizes all of the birthdays that will be celebrated between the days one and thirty-one on the calendar. The birthstone dates back to the bible and the breastplate of Aaron, the brother of Moses. His breastplate housed four rows of precious stones which symbolized the twelve months of the year and the twelve signs of the Zodiac. 1912 was the first time that the birthstone standard was made official.

The American National Association of Jewelers created the Modern Birthstone List and it has been the accepted standard ever since. In addition to being the month of love, February is also the month of the amethyst. The dark purple stone is the official birthstone for those born during the month of love. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the amethyst stone would ward off evil powers and provide the wearer with a clear head and a quick wit. In other cultures and in more recent times the deep color purple has also become associated with royalty.

Many of the early royal garments were made in fabric with a deep amethyst color. The deep amethyst color is a mixture of violet and red and can be found in every corner of the world. Historically, though the finest stones came from Russia which is why they were featured in the much of the jewelry designed for European royalty. In recent years, however the primary source for the intense purple stone can be found in Brazil.

Barkev’s White Gold Diamond & Amethyst Pendant 7042NW

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