The Floral Statement Ring

The dawn of spring brings the promise of sunny days to come and the launch of the floral statement ring. Each season there is one statement piece that becomes the signature piece of the season and this year that piece is the floral statement ring. Like all trends in the jewelry business, there is a right way and a wrong way to make your statement selection.

Choosing the Right Style and Size

The size and style of your statement piece will be directly related to the finger that you will wear the ring on. It is important to choose a piece that will not overshadow your hand or the rest of your look. If your ring covers both fingers on the opposite of your ring finger then your ring is too large. When it comes to choosing a style, look to your current wardrobe for the answer. If most of your pieces are classic cuts and silhouettes consider making a bold selection when it comes to choosing a statement ring. A bold ring will provide instant interest.

Barkev's Green Tourmaline Ring
Barkev’s Green Tourmaline Ring

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Next, a statement piece is a memorable piece in and of itself, so if you want to bring the statement to the next level, then you need to choose a color that will coordinate

effectively with the remainder of your wardrobe. The statement color this spring is aqua which means that aquamarine or jade would be a perfect color choice for this season.

Pieces to Avoid

As with other trends, there are pieces that will wow the crowd and those that need to be avoided if you want to make the best dressed list and the floral statement ring is no different. Avoid rings that are significantly larger than all the other rings on the rack.

That is an indication that that particular ring is not the appropriate size for the statement. Avoid rings that have too many different colors in one ring, those rings will be too difficult to style and find other pieces to coordinate with.

Spring is the time to reinvent your style. This season take the opportunity to become a part of the statement floral movement, and be a trendsetter instead of a follower.