The Hottest Jewelry from the 2012 Emmys: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara’s look was definitely unforgettable. With that many diamonds and that much platinum how could we forget it?

It was so exciting to see all of the beautiful ladies at the 2012 Emmys but it was even more exciting to see the beautiful jewelry pieces that each of them chose. One of the stars of the night didn’t hold back on her bling and that was leading lady Sofia Vergara. To say she sparkled as she walked down the red carpet would be an understatement.

Hitting front page news with her recent engagement where she was presented with a stunning diamond engagement ring seemed to set the stage for her red carpet look. The trend – lots and lots of diamonds of course! 175 carats worth of diamonds to be exact

Her beautiful teal Zuhair Murad gown set the tone but she was literally dripping with exquisite diamonds as well. Better yet, the 175 carats doesn’t even include her diamond engagement ring, if you can believe it. Here are the details of her selections for the fabulous evening.

Sofia Vergara’s Diamond Details

Diamond and Platinum Ring – Besides her huge diamond engagement ring, Sofia also featured another stunning diamond and platinum ring. Evidently one massive rock isn’t enough. This ring was breathtaking. It featured not one but two very large center stones that were round cut. Then the large center diamonds were surrounded by smaller diamonds for a total of 20 carats.

Diamond Earrings – These diamond earrings were literally show stoppers. The large diamonds were pear cut and the earrings themselves were referred to as “deco inspired”. These drop earrings came in at 45 carats of total diamonds.

Platinum Diamond Bracelet – This stunning piece of jewelry features a beautiful combination of diamonds put together in a marquise shape. This piece came in at 25 carats in a platinum setting.

Platinum Diamond Cuff – This was another retro style piece. The diamonds came in at 75 carats and were set in platinum. This cuff was absolutely stunning and a perfect addition to Sofia’s look.

Serpent Platinum Diamond Bracelet – This is a jewelry piece that we need to pay attention to as this style may become all the rage on and off the red carpet. This diamond and platinum bracelet created a serpent and was made up of 10 carats in diamonds.