Like Batman operating in the darkness, black diamonds have a similar mystery that surrounds them and over the past 40 years we can’t count the number of times we’ve been asked about the meaning of black diamonds, especially when it comes to engagement and wedding rings.

Similar to blue diamonds, sapphires and all sorts of other stones with stunning colors, black diamonds are no different, though based on folklore and pop culture (e.g. Carrie Bradshaw’s 5-carat black diamond engagement ring) they’ve generated a mystical vibe. But what do black diamonds actually mean?

In reality, someone who’s interested in black diamonds likes them because they jive with their style and that’s really all that matters. Yes, we could come up with all sorts of interesting reasons why people gravitate towards black diamonds, though a majority of people buying black diamond engagement rings are simply interested in the color/design.

One thing you’re probably thinking about and potentially why you landed on this post is how black diamonds are very unconventional and how your future partner may want a more classic ring like a white diamond solitaire. That’s ultimately where you need to put on your detective hat and uncover what they truly want so you can make their dreams come true.

If you’re thinking about black diamond engagement or wedding rings we are here to help you on the journey and only a call or message away.