The Return of the Three-Stone Engagement Ring: Everything you Need to Know

They say that fashion trends always return and vintage attire is now more in vogue than ever before. And just like fabulous fashion for clothes, contemporary jewelry design often draws inspiration from the past, while some classic styles always reign supreme. The traditional three stone engagement ring is now exceptionally popular, and it makes a great alternative to the typical diamond solitaire. Timeless, regal and undeniably elegant, here is all you need to know about this eye-catching three stoned beauty!

It is seriously stealing the spotlight right now

The sparkly three stone engagement ring has become rather popular with brides-to-be of late, with the recent re-surge of interest in the design spurred on by Meghan Markle’s gorgeous engagement ring. Suddenly stealing the spotlight when the actress married the Royal Prince Harry in 2018, he designed the ring especially for Meghan with a special cushion-cut center and two round stones from Princess Diana’s collection.  

It tells its own unique story

Every ring should make a statement, especially if you are choosing it for an engagement ring, but the three stone engagement ring is particularly special, with each of the three stones symbolizing a couple’s past, present and future. Exceptionally romantic, your loved one will be impressed if you propose with a ring that stands as an enduring symbol of your lasting commitment.

It gives you the chance to get creative

Whether you opt for diamonds or any other dazzling gemstone, there is a world of choice available when it comes to cuts and colors. You can even mix the stones and cuts to create something truly unique for your other half. Diamond varieties are always striking,  rose gold and moissanite is a winning combination, while two toned options add a great twist to the norm. The choice, is yours! 

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