When it comes to classic movies that stand the test of time Titanic will live on forever, and it’s interesting to see how 20+ years later the demand for blue diamonds is skyrocketing, especially when it comes to blue diamond engagement rings. 

For everyone wondering, the “Heart of the Ocean” blue diamond featured in the movie was a prop and, though it was based on a real, historical blue diamond (the Hope Diamond) many people don’t know that. 

As a leading designer of unique jewelry featuring blue diamonds for over 40 years, these are some of the most common questions we’ve seen around the Titanic blue diamond: 

  • How much is the blue diamond from Titanic worth? 
  • What is the name of the blue diamond in Titanic? 
  • Was the blue diamond from Titanic ever found? 

One project we’ve been working on is around digging up jewelry trends from the past and seeing how they relate to interests today, and the Titanic example is only one step towards the journey we’re embarking on. 

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