To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

There it is the moment that you have waited your entire life for. He is down on one knee, with that precious box in his outstretched hand, and an adoring look on his face. It is the happiest moment of your life and you can not wait to shout it from the rooftops. You are engaged. Now fast forward five years. Are you just as happy with your ring selection today as the day you got married? If not, guess what? You are in luck. It has now become in Vogue to upgrade your ring. So the question becomes should I or shouldn’t I?

To Commemorate a Milestone Anniversary

Many people choose a milestone anniversary as the perfect opportunity to upgrade their ring for a brighter, shinier version. For most couple’s hitting the ten year mark provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade their original wedding bad. For many, the beginning of the marriage comes at a time when they are young and just starting out. In that case, there may not be enough money to fund the purchase of the diamond of your dreams. It is more important at that point that you are together and less important as to what kind of ring you have. However, by the time that most people celebrate their ten year anniversary, they are in a much better place financially and can afford the brighter, shinier version. The selection of a new ring also provides you with the opportunity to bond as a couple and rekindle some of that old spark that you felt when you originally shopped for your wedding rings.


The Push Present

 Another good opportunity to land an upgrade is at the birth of a child. These gifts are known as push presents and are a superb opportunity to create a lasting family memory by selecting a three stone ring that will represent the past, present and future of your new family. This significant family event provides another opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment by making the trip to the jeweler a special event for the couple. Consider making it a big celebration including a romantic dinner and special ceremony. This will not only create a lasting memory, it will also bring the couple closer together.

When it comes to upgrading, only you know what is right for you and your significant other. Upgrading is not for every couple. It is important that when you ponder the question of whether or not to upgrade, that you do so as a couple. The ring is a symbol of who you are as a couple and it is essential that both parties are on board when it comes time to upgrade. Remember, the secret to a long lasting marriage is communication (and diamonds don’t forget diamonds).