Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Brangelina’s recent engagement announcement has the world abuzz about celebrity nuptials. Since Hollywood’s most glamorous couple has decided to get hitched, let’s take a look back at the top 10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Anna Kournikova’s $6 million, 11-carat, pear-cut pink diamond engagement ring takes the top spot on our list. The dazzling piece was a gift from long-time beau, Enrique Iglesias. And despite the fact that the pair do not plan to marry anytime soon, the piece stands out as the priciest engagement ring to date.

Jay-Z followed his wife’s advice and put a $5 million ring on it. Beyonce’s illustrious 18-carat, flawless diamond engagement ring was money well-spent.

Paris Hilton may have worn out her welcome with the general public years ago, but back in 2005, the hotel heiress/party girl/part-time TV reality star was the choice of billionaire shipping heir Paris Latsis.  The two Paris’ short-lived engagement ended with a walk to the auction house as Hilton donated the $4.7 million, 24-carat canary diamond ring for charity.

In 2004, Donald Trump told gal-pal, Melania Knauss, “You’re hired” by giving the model/socialite a $3 million, 15-carat diamond engagement ring. It’s too bad ‘The Donald’ didn’t set aside a little extra money for a better toupee, though.

Hollywood has seen odder pairings than Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, but, somehow, the showbiz couple has made it work. Cannon popped the question back in 2008, and gave “Mimi” a gorgeous, 17-carat, emerald cut engagement ring that contains 59 total diamonds. The glitzy piece cost an estimated $2.5 million and was the perfect fit for Carey’s over-the-top persona.

Michael Douglass and Catherine Zeta-Jones seem to be a match made for a lifetime. The legendary actor presented his Oscar-winning beauty with a stunning 10-carat engagement ring that cost an estimated $2 million.

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries may have been shorter than a school semester, but her legendary engagement ring was certainly worth the ridicule. The 20.5-carat, $2 million ring is easily the gaudiest piece on our list.

Hollywood supercouple “TomKat” has been going strong for nearly a decade. Reports say that Tom has no cruise since the Hollywood legend was so smitten with Katie Holmes that he purchased a $1.5 million, 5-carat diamond engagement ring after their first date. I guess his infamous sofa jump during an episode of Oprah was relatively restrained by comparison.

Before irreconcilable differences entered their vocabularies, Seal and Heidi Klum’s relationship seemed to define true love. Back in 2004, the “Kiss from a Rose” singer presented his then-supermodel girlfriend with a 10-carat, $1.5 million engagement ring during a romantic mountaintop proposal.

Remember ‘Bennifer?’ The Jennifer Lopez-Ben Affleck pairing filled the headlines in the early-2000s due to their jet-set lifestyle, and a penchant for making kissy-face whenever cameras were near. Though they never made it down the aisle, Lopez scored a $1.25 million, 4.5 carat pink diamond for her troubles.