Top 5 Most Dazzling Earrings

Diamond Tanzanite Earrings - 6703EWChandelier earrings have been a hit with Hollywood celebrities and everyday women for the last few years. The earrings are the quintessential statement piece for those desiring stunning jewelry that stands out. Chandelier earrings are typically quite large and wide, as they give off a horizontal line that adds pizzazz to the neckline. These flowing, ornate beauties look best in mid-lengths or when they hang just above the shoulder. The hottest chandelier earring trend is symmetrical-shaped pieces made from bended metal or shimmering diamonds. The earrings update a 1980s motif by giving it a modern flair that is steeped in the 21st century.

Stud earrings are lauded for their versatility, which suits laid-back and glamorous looks, alike. These stylish pieces work well with a myriad of hairstyles and range from simple metal posts to ornate diamond encrusted stunners. Diamond stud earrings are always a hot item, but the current trend adds shimmering halos into the mix. The halo of pave-set diamonds makes the center stone look a half-carat larger, giving the earrings a dramatic sparkle that is sure to be noticed. You can add more pop to the design by blending fancy colored and colorless diamonds. Surround a fancy pink diamond with colorless diamonds, or a colorless stone with black diamonds, to create a dazzling pair of stud earrings.

Hoop earrings are circular pieces that date back to ancient civilizations. Today, hoop earrings are used to give outfits an elegant touch or to add an “around the way” flair that is straight out of downtown.  Pave-set diamond hoop earrings are among the most stylish options on the market. The earrings are fully encircled by shimmering diamonds and set on platinum or 18K white or yellow gold. Pave-set diamond hoop earrings set on rose gold are stunning as well. The rose gold gives the earrings a fancy touch that is remarkably refined.

Tsavorite Earrings - 7245NWDiamond earrings that feature enchanting shapes are a hot item. For example, floral-inspired stud earrings are a popular choice that combines two things women love: flowers and diamond jewelry. The dainty earrings celebrate the exquisite beauty of blossoming flowers with leaf-shaped metals adorned by shimmering diamonds. Graphic motifs such as heart-shaped metals affixed around a bezel-set center diamond are another design style that stands out. The polished metal, white gold hearts provide a beautiful and reflective accent to the center diamond.

Drop earrings are dainty beauties that hang beautifully from the ear. They aren’t as long and prominent as chandelier earrings, so drop designs are more suitable when you desire a classic look. Three-stone diamond drop earrings offer a perfect way to show off shimmering stones. The earrings can be set with different diamond cuts and sizes, as well as diamonds of a similar size or cut. For example, a three-stone earring featuring a brilliant-round diamond and two emerald cut stones on a platinum setting is simply gorgeous. Add fancy colored stones into the mix to provide a striking contrast between the diamonds and settings.